About Us

CoolSculpting Complete of Raleigh, NC is owned and operated by Raleigh Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Michael Law MD.

CoolSculpting Complete is an FDA approved device for fat removal with no surgery and no downtime.

In our Raleigh CoolSculpting Center we offer:

Two CoolSculpting systems. This means you can achieve twice the fat removal in just one hour because two systems are used simultaneously. Some practices use the term Dual Sculpting, DualSculpting or Dual CoolSculpting. We prefer CoolSculpting Complete because we add several additional treatments at no additional change that we believe might help with results.

A CoolSculpting Complete Package includes

Vibrational Therapy

Vibrational Therapy can enhance the lymphatic system Vibrational therapy stimulates the circulatory system and the lymphatic system. Because the a healthy lymphatic system is important in achieving results with CoolSculpting, we believe that vibrational therapy could provide additional benefits to the Cool Sculpting treatment

Compression Garment / Binder

Compression garments have been used for years by plastic surgeons offering body contouring surgery Our patients report that compression garments can help them feel more secure and comfortable following a CoolSculpting Complete treatment

All of these extras in the CoolSculpting Complete Program are included because we believe there could be a benefit to our patients. Studies have not yet been conducted to compare results of people who experience CoolSculpting Complete vs. traditional CoolSculpting. But, we believe each of the above modalities could possibly increase the results and reduce possible discomfort. So, of course we want to do all we can for our patients. There is no additional charge for the CoolSculpting Complete program. The medical and aesthetic professionals and Dr. Law's office did implement the CoolSculpting Complete protocol, but any physician can offer the same program and can call it CoolSculpting Complete. We are happy to continue to share our experiences with other CoolSculpting physicians.

Our Staff

CoolSculpting Complete is administered by well trained and experienced staff. Most of the technicians performing CoolSculpting have also been performing laser hair removal and other laser services with Blue Water Spa for many years. They are extremely professional, patient, kind and discreet. Our Raleigh CoolSculpting practice is very busy and we have seven exceptional technicians trained in performing CoolSculpting. In additional, our medical staff is trained in understanding the procedure. CoolSculpting is a technique dependent procedure and our technicians have all been certified with Zeltiq.

In addition to Dr. Law, two Nurse Practitioners and a Physician's Assistant are available to prescribe non-narcotic medication in the event that an individual experiences significant discomfort or Pain with CoolSculpting

More about Blue Water Spa Since 2002 Blue Water Spa and Michael Law MD have been providing surgical and non-surgical aesthetic enhancements in our Raleigh NC Medical Spa. With recent purchase of additional space, we now have 7,000 square feet available to provide the most effective aesthetic medical procedures available. Since opening, we have been recognized with many national awards including best medical Spa in America seven years by American Spa Magazine. Dr. Law and Blue Water Spa are the only business to have been featured in two cover articles of Plastic Surgery News, the official news publication of the American Society of Plastic Surgery. Locally, Blue Water Spa have received countless "Best of" awards.Blue Water Spa was recognized as one of the top 25 Corporate Philanthropists in the Raleigh area by the Triangle Business Journal.